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Stable boards

Stable boards
Plastic boards are used for construction of horse loose - boxes and for different types of fencing. Further they can be used in traffic engineering as elements of noise prevention walls, rock falling barriers and palisades. Moreover they can be employed in construction of town mobiliary and park architecture. The profiles are highly weather resistant, they are resistant to moisture, decay, moulds, fungi, parasites and common chemicals. They are not water absorbing, their surface can be cleaned easily and they, from a long-term point of view, do not require any maintenance. They can be cut, drilled and connected by screws and worked by metalworking or woodworking tools. It is recommended to follow all safety regulations while working with them. Plastic boards are commonly delivered in brown and black colours. On request they can be made in brick-red, grey and green.
Stable boards

Do you know that...

... plastic profiles are universal? It is enough just to have a look at the photographs on our website to see what has been made of the profiles so far. Get inspired!
Stable board 132 x 21 mm 1,2 2,9
Stable board 132 x 32 mm 1,0 / 1,2 / 1,5 4,0 / 4,4 / 5,5
Stable board 138 x 28 mm 1,2 / 1,5 4,1 / 5,2
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width x thickness length brown black gray brick red
132 x 32 mm 1,0 m
1,2 m
1,3 m
1,5 m
138 x 28 mm 1,2 m
1,5 m
132 x 21 mm 1,2 m
Stable boards
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