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Recycle technology

Recycling technology

Dry technology of plastic waste processing is used in Bohdaneč.

Delivered material is first manually sorted. On this level, non-plastic materials such as metal objects, glass, paper, rubber etc., are separated. Plastics are sorted in pre-set fractions according to the type of product and material used. Sorted fractions are consequently treated by grinding and milling, and then by agglomeration, which is thermal treatment - sintering of films in the form of granules. On the next level, granules are re-transformed by mixing in a manufacturing mixture of such composition and character which ensures good workability and the required quality of products. This mixture is then homogenized, melted and pushed into metal moulds, where its final form is shaped. No waste by-products, water or air pollutants of such kind and composition which would represent a danger to the environment are generated during the processing. The plant complies with all legal regulations applying to its operation.

Transform Lázně Bohdaneč has introduced and uses a quality management system in compliance with the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and it has been certified as a “Professional Waste Treatment Company”.

The plant manufactures mainly products made of mixed plastics. Their advantage is quite extraordinary resistance to weather influences, good mechanical abilities, non-absorbability, chemical inertness and, last but not least, low weight and full recyclability. These are mainly grassing paving elements, patch pavements, fence profiles, cable trenches of various dimensions, shipping pallets, boards, floorboards and various bar profiles. These products are used in industry, agriculture, municipal services and also by individual citizens.

Use of these products is advantageous from both the economic and technical point of view. This is how Transform returns to towns and municipalities the wastes which were generated there and citizens are given direct proof that waste separation has meaning and that wastes are actually rationally used. However, it is necessary for community and municipal authorities, which are in many cases investors of these constructions, to demand the use of products made of recycled plastics and therefore support this distinctively environmentally focused activity.

This approach has been supported not only by the Ministry of the Environment, but also by individual regional authorities.

The objective of the joint-stock company Transform is to continually enlarge the assortment of products, to improve their quality and product manufacture qualities in order to also increase the possibility of their use. To increase the use of Czech raw materials, to continually reduce and consequently completely terminate imports from abroad.

The activities of the joint-stock company Transform Lázně Bohdaneč are, in their whole range, environmentally focused as the company processes plastic wastes which would otherwise have finished on dumps, in better cases in incinerator plants, and it therefore returns to raw-material circulation materials which are made of non-renewable natural resources.

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